Visits to the Sick

Fr. Kazimierz serves with pastoral care in the following hospitals:

  • New Cross Hospital,
  • Compton Hospice.

He also visits Parishioners in the nursing homes that belong to the Parish, like Arden Manor or Anville Court. He brings to them Holy Communion, anoints with the oil of the Sick and hears Confessions, especially before Christmas and Easter.

Some of our Parishioners, called Eucharistic Ministers, assist the priests in distributing the Holy Communion at weekday and weekend, bringing the Body of Christ to the sick at their own homes or nursing homes.

Please call one of the priest for the Sacrament of Anointing or Confession as well as for any emergencies. It is important, as in the sacrament of the sick the believer is strengthened with Christ’s grace, through prayers and anointing in the oil. All who are infirm or hospitalized can be anointed.