The Family of
the Rosary of Jasna Gora

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Duties of the Brothers and Sisters of the Family of the Rosary

  • Every day we pray and contemplate at least one mystery of the Rosary in our own time, which is why we always carry the Rosary with us.
  • We say the Rosary for the Pope, for the Bishops and Priests, for the Church, and particularly for sinners to amend their ways. We pray for peace between nations and for all members of the Family.
  • We receive the Sacraments regularly and we attend Mass every Sunday and Feast.
  • We help the poor and needy.
  • We visit the sick.
  • We participate in the Apostleship with the Parish Priests.
  • You can become a member of the Family by recommendation from a present member or by submitting full name and address to: SS. Mary & John’s Parish in Wolverhampton.

Spiritual gains

  • With this Certificate we receive the blessing of the Pope and absolution at the hour of death.
  • In Jasna Gora we celebrate the Perpetual Mass for all members of the Family.We celebrate Mass in the Basilica throughout November for our Brothers and Sisters who have died.We gain from prayers and from our service to the Family of which there are more than eleven million members.
  • We celebrate in the promises of our Holy Mother of the Rosary from Fatima which
    are given overleaf.

Promises of the Holy Mother of Fatima for saying the Rosary

  1. Whoever serves me by saying the Rosary will receive a special grace.
  2. I promise special protection for all who say the Rosary.
  3. The Rosary is an efficient weapon against hell and will destroy all heresy in the world.
  4. The Rosary will make virtues and good work flower in the Church and give salvation.
  5. Whoever says the Rosary and contemplates its mysteries will not perish.
  6. Whoever is in need, should ask for my help in the Rosary and you will always be heard.
  7. Whoever honours me by saying the Rosary will not die without the Sacraments.
  8. By saying the Rosary, the faithful will have God’s light and their lives will be filled with His grace now and forever.
  9. The souls of the faithful in purgatory will be free if they honour me in their prayers throughout their life.
  10. Whoever says the Rosary will not be afraid of death because I will be with them at that moment.
  11. Whoever says the Rosary and spreads the Word will be helped in all their needs.
  12. I received the promise from my Holy Son that all defenders of the Rosary will have special intercession in their lifetime and at the hour of their death.
  13. Those who say the Rosary are my children and the children of my Son, Jesus Christ.
  14. Devotion to the Rosary is a special sign of entering Heaven.

If you wish to join
our community of prayer
contact us personally
to receive the Certificate of Membership
and spiritual directions.