BULLETIN 10.06.2012

S. Teresa's Catholic Church
Parkfield, Wolverhampton, tel.: 01902 – 421676
R.C. Archdiocese of Birmingham – Registered Charity No. 234216
e-mail: ssmaryandjohn@btinternet.com; www.steresa.co.uk
Priests: Fr. Kazimierz Stefek, Fr. Przemek Sobczak,
Fr. Dawid Piskorz & Bro Rafał Smaga (all OSPPE)


SUNDAY June 10th; Solemnity of the Most Holy Body and Blood of Christ
5pm. Vigil: Special Intention
9am: Maureen Millard RIP
FRIDAY June 15th
5pm: Parishioners
June 16th
4.30-4.45pm: Confessions
5pm. Vigil:
Intentions of the Children receiving First Holy Communion
June 17th; Eleventh Sunday in Ordinary Time
9am: Denis Doherty RIP


SAT (VIGIL) 5pm: This week: A Collier
                            Next week: J Davidson
SUN 9am: This week: S Cooke & M Holloway
                 Next week: P Wall


SAT (VIGIL) 5pm: This week: D Millard
                            Next week: P Hunt
SUN 9am: This week: D Millard
                 Next week:
A Barlow


This week: P Hunt & Fr Dawid
Next week: M & P Hawley and Fr Kazimierz

Second Collection
: Church Maintenance . Next Week: Church Maintenance.

Dear Lord in your great compassion and love, we ask you to lay your healing hands on the sick of our Parish and all our loved ones:Patrick O’Connor, Margaret Davies, Phyllis Marion Coen, Frances Page, Mary Cole, Pat Burton, Josie Hickens, Sam Davies, G Alltree, Alex Blunt, Mary Hickman, Ann Lynch,Pauline Lewis, Michael Hawley, Edna Peek, Margaret Rushbury, Anthony Hughes, Margaret Cox, George Dillon, Mrs. Clifford, Tony Johnson, Teresa Shield, Vera Plimmer, Barry Stobart, John Fellows, Stephen Bould, Irene Boyle, Teresa Hale, Mary Alphonse.

Eternal Rest Grant Unto: Steven Hams, Bernard McNally, Cecilia Parsons, Edward Bircher, Nancy Wesley, Mary Ailman, Michael Harris, Charles Triplow, Mary Fellows, Pat McGuire, Mary Wooldridge, Frances McDermott, Patrick Lynch and all whose anniversaries occur around this time.

Collection Last Week: 1st Cov £67 1st Loose £133.52p 2nd Cov £21.70p
                                     2nd Loose £62.86p. Flowers £57.89p. Thank You

Confessions, SS Mary & John. Are on Friday 11-11.45am & Saturday 10-10.30am.

Mass Times for SS Mary & John’s Weekday masses: Mon, Tues, Wed,  Thurs 10am.  Fri 12 noon. Sat 9.30am.

Stamps: Please collect your old used postage stamps and put them in the box at the back of church. Thank You.

31 Day Club: Prayers for vocations for the priesthood and religious life, please choose a day and sign the calendar. Take a prayer card, this will mean a prayer for vocations is said in the parish each day.

Diocesan Consultation – Re-organisation of Parishes:

During Mass on the Fifth Sunday in Lent, a Pastoral Letter from the Archbishop was read in all parishes in the Archdiocese.  This letter outlined the fact that changes in parish structures are inevitable throughout the Archdiocese as there are now more parishes than there are priests to serve those parishes, and some of the priests serving parishes are becoming somewhat advanced in years (in the Walsall deanery, three of the Parish Priests have passed their eightieth birthdays).  The Archbishop stated that a Consultation Document was in preparation: this has now been made available and may be read at the Diocesan website: www.birminghamdiocese.org.uk.  All parishes have been asked to hold a meeting to discuss this paper, and a letter be submitted from each parish to the Dean of each deanery by the end of June. Some copies of the Consultation Document are available at the back of the church. Our meeting regarding diocesan consultation paper on future planning (re-organisation of parishes) will take place this Saturday 9th June. Everyone welcome.

PLEASE REMEMBER IN YOUR PRAYERS: Sarah Bauer,  Nicole Sieradzka and Dammian Chigovanyika who will receive their First Holy Communion at the 5.00pm Mass, Saturday 16th June.

THE ICON OF OUR LADY OF JASNA GORA:  If you wish to receive the Holy Icon please come to the Sacristy to agree upon a date.

The Family of the Rosary of Jasna Gora: If you wish to join our community of prayer come to the sacristy to receive the certificate of membership and spiritual directions. For further information please pick up one of the leaflets at the back of the church.

IF YOU WISH A MASS TO BE SAID for either a relative or a friend, living or deceased, please see one of the priests.

If you are not able to get to Mass or if you are going into hospital, let Fr. Kazimierz know. If you notice someone you know from the church who has not been at Mass recently, please let us know.